Aya Starheart is a fictional character in the series of Aya the story series developed by the writer/maker, EpicBob7/RockRapperLis. As a main character in Aya the series, she's a cop in a town called Jiki. She's a main protagonist in Aya the series.


The LookEdit

Aya has brown-ish blonde hair with spikes on the top, and blue-ish hazel eyes. She also has a birthmark that's located on the left side of her chest. According to the writer/maker, EpicBob7/RockRapperLis, of the Aya series, Aya became a consideration as a female version of Cole MacGrath of the inFAMOUS series, made by Sucker Punch Productions. However EpicBob7/RockRapperLis came with the idea from the looks inFAMOUS series' main character.

Weapon ChoiceEdit

Aya wields two twin gunblades.


Aya is determined, but ill-tempered. She can be sometimes emotional.


First Aya StoryEdit

Aya's first outfit (in the First Aya Story) is a dark grey zip-up vest, dirty white belt, light black fingerless gloves, her athletic high-heeled shoes, gray short-sleeved shirt, black and white checkered cheerleader-like skirt, and light grey hi-knee socks.

Aya's sleeping outfit is dark red pajamas.

Aya is 21 years old in the First Aya Story.



Edwin WaretorresEdit

Edwin is Aya's childhood friend and fellow cop, including one of her classmates at Jiki Academy. Between him and Aya, they have a brother and sister relationship.

Vinn StarheartEdit

Vinn is Aya's longtime lover. He attended at Jiki Academy.


Larynne is Aya's twin sister and Edwin's spouse. It became a mystery about Aya's past and her own sister (Aya). She was five years old when she took Aya with her to Jiki.



Varr is Aya's father and the main antagonist in the Aya series.


Early LifeEdit

As a younger child at the age of five, Aya witnessed the death of her birth mother while growing up in the capital city called Terra by watching her getting murdered by her infamous father Varr. As she was carried away by her sister Larynne, who was her twin, to Jiki's orphanage, she began to refuse with the officials to be adopted and runs into Edwin, a childhood friend of her's. Aya, including Edwin and her boyfriend named Vinn, began attending Jiki Academy two weeks later after she met Edwin outside the orphanage. By the time she forgets her older sister, she began to not remember her sister's name, as if in the first volume of Aya(TM) where Edwin tells her about Larynne.


  • Aya came from the misspelled spanish word "ella", which means "she".
  • Between Aya and Vinn, Aya's age is like with Cloud in the original Final Fantasy VII and Lightning in Final Fantasy XIII, but Vinn's age is the same age as Cloud in Advent Children original version and complete version.
  • Aya has gunblades like Squall Leonhart (Final Fantasy VIII) and Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII) does.
  • Aya's last name came from two shapes, a star and a heart, combined into one shape.
  • Like the Crash Bandicoot series, the series took Aya's first name instead of her full name.
  • Like Cole MacGrath of inFAMOUS, her last name can be misspelled as Starhart.
  • Aya is the only the character that instantly killed a monster that attacked Gali by stabbing it in the head with her gunblade when she jumped into the air. It's actually a reference from Highwind, one of the special attacks for Oerba Yun Fang of Final Fantasy XIII. She, however, impaled it a minute later after Gali and Cari makes a move.
    FFXIII Special Abilities - Highwind (Fang)

    FFXIII Special Abilities - Highwind (Fang)

  • In the part of the story in Volume One of Aya, Aya tells Edwin to get out of the Police Department. Instead, Aya leaves Edwin leaves behind. Edwin either died inside or not.
  • Aya's birthmark is at the same spot as Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning's l'Cie brand (which is hidden).
  • Aya's pajamas is red. Although, red is one of RockRapperLis/EpicBob7's favorite colors.
  • Aya's storyline about her forgeting who Larynne is her sister that took her to Jiki is similar to Final Fantasy VII because of how Cloud Strife forgot who Zack Fair was the one who gave him the Buster Sword. Except the part of Volume One's ending where Aya denies Varr about her sister's existance.
  • Aya's relationship with her father Varr is similar to Tidus' relationship with his father Jecht in Final Fantasy X.
  • Aya says "shut up" to Edwin, even to Varr. It's the same line as Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Heart II.